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A go-to resource for the answers
and advice to succeed as students. 

Our aim is to provide accessible, free-of-cost resources
on all things high school, college, and career for students. 
Q&A Interviews

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High school, college, and career advice
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Interviewed with Students & Alumni at

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Built to provide for students.

At AlumniAnswers, we strive to close the knowledge gap about high school, college, and careers for students, especially those who are the first in their families to attend university.
Free-of-cost advising
Article, podcast interviews


Interviews released


Linkedin connections with college students/alumni
"AlumniAnswers is a great group to work with: organized, efficient, and ready to help the world!"

Harvard Alum | AA Interviewee
Julian Sarafian '18
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From students to students. 

This student-oriented organization was founded to form a bridge between college alumni and high school students — from interviews on balancing extracurriculars to guest posts on speed-reading, we provide resources geared to help them succeed. 
We conduct formal interviews with college students and alumni who have gone through high school, college, and even have successful careers - many of whom have the answers to students' questions.
College students and Alumni | AA Interviewees
70+ interviews conducted and 50+ released and accessible
Time is of the essence. And so in the nick of time, we managed to launch our E-Newsletter and opportunities for that very reason, allowing you to get an overview of our monthly updates and interviews straight to your inbox.
The essentials of our monthly content
50+ subscribers to the AlumniAlert E-Newsletter
Sometimes, specific questions don't get addressed when there are zero-to-none relevant answers available. A-Angles brings in those experienced and familiar in an area -- from an Oxford P.h.D student on the topic of speed-reading to a Pioneer Academic alum, we have a lot in store for you. 
Covering the specifics for students
50+ subscribers to the AlumniAlert E-Newsletter
We connect you with a college student or alum for 1:1 free-of-cost personalized advising. Whether that be effective study strategies or advice on applying abroad from our Oxford interviewee, a bit of advice goes a long way.
Provide for underresourced students 
10+ advisors from Princeton, Duke, Stanford, and more. 
With so much to take in, the best way to digest all this content is to link concepts with one another, and see how one thing connects to another - AlumniArticles does just that. 
Highlighting the specifics of our content
100+ articles released and readily accessible
Join a community of like-minded students, with channels that are designated for high schoolers, college students, and yes, even middle schoolers - join to make your educational experience a tad smoother
Bringing together like-minded individuals
100+ discord members 

Word-of-mouth from
our interviewees.

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"Interviews are such an incredible way to understand the admissions process! As someone who grew up literally knowing ZERO people who had ever gotten into the schools I was applying to, I would've loved having a resource like this when I was in high school."

Harvard Alum | AA Interviewee
Co-Creator of Ivy Advise, YouTuber with 190K+ subscribers
Taylor Reneau '16
Don't just take our word. Here's what alumni and students we interview have to say about AlumniAnswers.
Er zijn nog geen gepubliceerde posts in deze taal
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"Interviewing with AlumniAnswers was just as much of a learning experience for me as it was for their audience. Their questions were thorough and thought-provoking. I'd recommend it to anyone with advice to share on the college admissions process."
Oxford Student | AA Interviewee
Legislative Intern for Congresswoman Alma Adams
Luke Drago '23

Latest updates and

Get the most recent news and insight from our latest interviews, our articles, and our guest posts. 
"Awesome initiative with the potential to create really great value for high school students around the country!"

Harvard Alum | AA Interviewee
Abdurezak Shemsu '16
Harvard Graduate | Business Operations Manager at Correlation One
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