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If you are an academically motivated high school junior or senior, AlumniAdvisors is for you. We provide free-of-cost 1:1 advising from college students from top universities around the world to help you navigate the two most important years of high school and the college application process.

Are you a high school student?

Are you academically motivated?

Do you have a GPA of at least 3.0?

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If you think that describes you, then
welcome to AlumniAdvisors.

We offer a free-of-cost, service-oriented program that has you connected with alumni and students who attend top universities including Oxford, Stanford, and Duke.
Provide for underresourced students 
10+ advisors from Princeton, Duke, Stanford, and more. 
We set you up with virtual meetings on Zoom so that you can connect with your advisor anywhere - without leaving the comfort of your room.
Virtually accessible anywhere  
Purely email conversations and Zoom meetings at your service
We provide document packets filled with our highlights from alumni interviews for seniors, juniors, and unselected applicants to read through for general advice. After your meeting with alumni, the AA team spends time helping you plan out how you can implement the advice given from alumni.
Provide assistance for underresourced students 
10+ advisors from Princeton, Duke, Stanford, and more. 

Check back in winter 2023 for our 2023-24 application season.  

Applications are currently closed.

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