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Guest Posts

Alumni-Angles allows you to share your journey and help others along the way by giving advice for getting into a dream school, scoring a perfect SAT, finding the perfect study strategies, you name it! If you are interested, we would love to have you share your experience to help us all learn together. Anyone who has expertise in any area or has a meaningful experience they would like to share may apply.


  1. You fill out the form and let us know what you want to write about.

  2. We’ll reach out to you ASAP to give you more details.

  3. You send us a draft of the article(s).

  4. We approve your drafts and set a deadline with you for when we’ll prepare to release it.

  5. You write however you’d like (Stay in touch if you have questions!).

  6. We approve, edit, and schedule your article(s) to post.

  7. Promotion time!


  • Have a publication under your belt

  • Share your knowledge with others

  • Cover ANY topic(s) you want (e.g. SAT/ACT, networking, choosing college courses, starting a club, applying to a summer program, etc.) - anything from life skills to college apps

  • We work with your timings

  • Get a LinkedIn recommendation from us

Our Writers

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